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We need local heroes in the Houston area! Participate in COVID-19 booster research & get access to potential new shingles or flu vaccines too.

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Participate in COVID-19 booster research & get access to potential new shingles or flu vaccines too.

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Houston made such an impact in the initial research for COVID-19 vaccines, but we’re not done yet. Now it’s time for boosters and we need your help again!
DM Clinical is currently evaluating potential new options for COVID-19 booster shots alongside shingles vaccines in adults aged 50 or over. AND

Potential new options for COVID-19 booster shots alongside flu vaccines in adults 18-49.
You must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to qualify. Those who qualify and choose to participate could have access to the investigational booster shots and shingles OR flu vaccines at no cost.

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“ You’ve got to be able to get, with the help of the developed world, the entire world vaccinated “

- Anthony Fauci, M.D., NIAID Director -

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The investigational vaccines you will take have already been approved by the FDA for Phase 2 or 3 trials—which means there is human safety data available from earlier phases of clinical trials.

Yes. We appreciate and value your time and commitment. The compensation for your time and travel costs could total as much as $1,000 over the course of the study. We will discuss this, along with other specifics of the study, during the consenting process.

We have a number of FDA-approved COVID vaccine trials underway and in the pipeline, in phase 2 and phase 3, sponsored by preeminent pharmaceutical companies. We, here at the Texas Center for Drug Development, along with our partner institution DM Clinical Research comprise the largest non-institutional clinical research networks serving Greater Houston for over a decade and a half.

Your answer to the questionnaire will help us identify the trial for which you may be eligible. If you qualify, we will reach out to you to ask more detailed questions to assess your interest and eligibility for trial enrollment. Because different trials will start over time, with different criteria, you might be invited to a trial some time over the following weeks or months.

Your visits are very much like a visit to your general practitioner and will take about 1 to 2 hours, except for the first study visit, which may take about 3 hours. We extend the greatest of care here for you from check-in, to vitals, physical exam, a few questions about your medical history, drawing blood and administering the investigational vaccine or placebo* in a safe environment. There is typically a second dose administered in about a month. We will follow up regularly by phone and have you come in for a few short clinic visits over the next year or two. Watch the video below to learn more.
*As part of the trial, a portion of participants will be given a placebo.

Clinical trials are research studies where volunteers help researchers understand medical conditions or evaluate new ways of treating, diagnosing or preventing these conditions. The trial is conducted under the supervision of a physician based on a detailed study plan, so you can rest assured you are in good hands. In our case, all trials have been approved by the FDA.

You and everyone you know. Everyone can play a role. We need men and women of all ages (12 and older) especially those who are most at risk of exposure to COVID infection: frontline workers, medical personnel, essential workers, or those living with them. It is also important to us to ensure opportunities for participation to under-represented communities, including African American and Hispanic communities, that have been hard-hit.

There are many companies in the healthcare industry working on a vaccine and taking potential vaccines through rigorous clinical trials is the only way to earn approval for general availability. The sooner these trials enroll the participants they need, the sooner that milestone can be reached. At the same time, vaccine trial spots are limited, and we would like as many Houstonians to have the opportunity to access these investigational vaccines as possible. Here in Houston, we’ve always risen together in the face of adversity. This pandemic has fundamentally disrupted our lives. Without a vaccine, the status quo will remain and a life of masks, quarantine, social distancing , and shut-downs will continue.

Your information is collected in a HIPAA-compliant platform, will not be shared with anyone, and will only be used to assess your suitability for potential clinical research participation at our organization. Learn more about privacy policy here.

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